Company policy

  • Providing customers with competent, cost effective services meeting best industry standards.
  • Maintaining a zero tolerance stance to any form of bribery.
  • Prepared to respond to any kind of emergency related to manning issues.
  • The company will not accept contracts which involve illegal practices or are potentially dangerous or contravenes health and safety regulations
  • Preserving and protecting natural resources & preventing pollution.
  • Providing excellent ship manning services and maintaining the confidentiality of the clients.
  • Recruits are screened for drugs & alcohol as a routine part of the medical examination and sign a declaration they will remain free of these substances.
  • This policy is reviewed annually for continued suitability and is available on request.

 Our Vision

  • To be a leading ship manning company with customer satisfaction.
  • To be a safe, efficient, quality driven and environmentally friendly organization operating competitively with safe working practices and being managed profitably.

Our Mission

  • To be the preferred choice of our customers in total ship manning services.
  • To project standards Marine Crew Management Services Private Limited as a symbol of quality.
  • To achieve excellence in rendering safe, trustworthy, timely and high quality services.